The oil-milleil Cuscunà was founded in 1904 and is placed in the oil sector for more than four generations. Our olive trees are of familiar property and belongs todai to a great production of olives.

We are located on the Etna slant, area D.O.P. Mountain Etna, just on this land the olive trees were cultivated without using any chemical products. The olives are matured in the sun of Sicily, were collected exclusive by hand.

This process permit high quality and organic substances to our olive conserves, we are specialized in olive-oil production in the Etna zone c.d. Paterṇ.

Extra virigin olive oil is the indispensable element in the mediterranean diet, appreciated the world over. Indeed in the art gastronomy extra virgin olive oil occupies a prominent position; used either raw or cooked it is capable of seasoning any main dish, highlighting the other ingredients and assuring lightness and digestability.

Among the various oils, this is the one that best resists high temperatures (such as when frying) maintaining unaltered its healthy properties.

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